ChallengesVaccine projects

Abera’s lead candidate Ab-01.12 is a universal vaccine against pneumococcal disease that is in late pre-clinical phase. The vaccine comprises multiple conserved pneumococcal antigens displayed on Abera´s OMV-based vaccine delivery platform. It is designed for nasal administration and pre-clinical studies show effective protection against entrance of the pathogen to the host and against disease. Unlike other pneumococcal vaccines on the market and under development, Ab-01.12 elicits protection against all serotypes, benefitting from the use of conserved antigens. Hence, Abera’s candidate addresses the problems associated with serotype replacement and antibiotic resistance.

Abera is currently examining how to best deploy the platform for immunotherapy in the oncology space. Early studies and academic research highlight the potential of our technology and we are accelerating our efforts to develop effective cancer treatments together with partners.


 SolutionOur technology

Abera’s proprietary vaccine delivery platform – BERA, brings Outer Membrane Vesicle (OMV) technology to the next level. Abera has engineered a natural bacterial pathway for protein secretion into the most efficient and versatile system for presentation of recombinant antigens on the surface of OMVs known today. The BERA platform works as a plug-and-play system where known or novel antigens can be engineered onto our delivery platform. It allows the development of potent, multivalent, multi-stage vaccines for mucosal and parenteral administration. With BERA, prototype vaccines can be developed within 7-14 days, enabling faster and more cost-efficient.