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Partner & Licensing

Partner for new opportunities

Partnering with other companies is of strategic importance to Abera to advance the development of our platform and vaccine candidates. Our proprietary technologies enable the discovery, development, and production of novel vaccines and immunotherapies. We are interested in partnering with companies to further develop our vaccine projects and are open for out-licensing the platform for specific targets. Whether it is a strategic alliance, licensing, or marketing agreement, Abera wishes to work closely with its partners to ensure mutual success.

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Our products and technologies are available for licensing or partnering. If you have a vaccine candidate that you want to evaluate in an outer membrane vesicle or Salmonella vaccine delivery platform, with the advantages of high-level expression and surface display of antigens, a strong mucosal immune response, intrinsic adjuvant activity and ease of manufacturing, then Abera can offer to clone your antigens quickly and cheaply into our platform for you to evaluate in your established models.


We are looking to in-license promising antigens and therapeutic proteins at an early stage of development. By designing and implementing effective development programs and using the benefits of our technology platforms we aim to add value to these product candidates.