Abera initiates collaboration on Covid-19 vaccine

Abera gives a free research license for a vaccine collaboration with a reputable research organization in the US and a leading European University to develop vaccine candidates against Covid-19. The candidates will be based on Abera’s vaccine delivery platform enabling display of antigens and nanoparticles on the surface of gram-negative bacteria and Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs). Abera’s platform works as a plug-and-play system where antigens of choice rapidly can be engineered to be loaded onto the vaccine carrier. The prototype vaccine candidates are designed by the European university and sent to the collaboration organization for further optimization and pre-clinical trials.

“The increased interest in the Abera platform is once again proven as we provide a free license for the development of new vaccines. The BERA platform will provide a new approach that will be complementary to the already numerous vaccine projects running in the world. Nasal delivery, as we have seen in our earlier studies, has the added effect of providing protection against nasal colonization and reduction of viral transmission in the population.” says Anders Ericson, CEO at Abera Bioscience.