Abera Bioscience receives new patent in US for vaccine technology

Abera Bioscience has received Notice of Allowance for the company’s patent application “Display of heterologous molecules on bacterial cells and membrane vesicles” from the US Patent Office. The patent concerns innovations that allow highly efficient linkage of a broad range of functional molecules to the company’s vectors in plug’n’play-like fashion and is a complement to the previously granted patent for the company’s basic platform technology.

Abera Bioscience is a Swedish biotechnology company that develops prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine candidates based on its innovative and proprietary technology platforms. Abera’s display technology allows for the decoration of bacterial cells and derived outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) with heterologous protein structures.

“The new patented invention concerns an upgrade that combines our technology with protein ligation systems functioning as so-called bacterial superglues. The upgrade allows highly efficient linkage of a vastly expanded range of molecules to our vectors in plug’n’play-like fashion, including complex antigens from any source and affinity binders like antibodies and nanobodies. Unprecedented display efficiencies are reached with the updated technology and multivalent decoration of our vectors with different types of heterologous molecules is easily achieved. Hence, a versatile modular platform was constructed with broad potential for the development of recombinant vaccines and therapeutics”, explains Maria Alriksson, CEO Abera Bioscience.

The patent will be valid until 2038. A patent application covering the same technical content is currently pending with the European Patent Office.